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Known as Brisbane's home of hair extensions, Jayne isn't just simply a salon. Under our roof we host one of Australia's leading hair extension supply companies Baciami®, along with providing world wide hair extension education.

What's better that visiting someone who has learnt from the best? Visiting the best!




Our signature packages have been designed with our brand new Genius weft in mind, the most seamless and invisible weft on the market. Along with our most popular colour packages with a HUGE discount to ensure affordability , but also luxury for every woman who is looking into hair extensions.

The Hair

At Jayne, we host a large " wall of hair " with well over 1000 packets of only the highest quality , remy human hair. We stock silk weft hair extensions, machine weft hair extensions, genius weft hair extensions, clip in hair extensions & tape hair extensions.


Not one shoe fits all, which is why we bring you in for a full consult and conversation with one of our stylists prior to your appointment. We ensure we deliver in every single way and provide you with a matte free guarantee on every single set.

Our hair has a human matte free lifetime guarantee, meaning if you ever experience matting when wearing our hair , it will be replaced immediately!.

We can custom colour, tone and mix to ensure we create the perfect blend and dimension.

Professional Human Hair Extensions Brisbane

The Methods

Our hair extension methods are designed to be completely damage free and discreet. Bringing out our own custom made wefts and hair extensions gives us the opportunity to ensure we have the most advanced products on hand . We pride ourselves on our highly educated stylists taking the upmost care on your hair.


No rushing around here, it is all about perfection ad perfection is what you will receive. Again, a consultation is best to ensure we can find the right method and style of hair extension for you and your needs.

Permanent Hair Extensions Brisbane

The Price

Hair extensions all differ in so many ways. Lengths, weight, style , application style so we cannot accurately give you a price online. We will however go over full costs of instals and maintenance at your consultation appointment. Our hair extensions in our Brisbane salon start at $400 for half a head.

Best Hair Extensions Brisbane

Get the best professional human hair extensions in Brisbane at Jayne & Co; We not only provide some of the most sought after methods in Brisbane, but we also teach and educate other salons around Brisbane, Australia and New Zealand with our methods.


Since no one pair of shoes fits all, we invite the person in for a thorough consultation and discussion with one of our stylists before the appointment. We guarantee that we will satisfy customers in every way and provide a matte-free warranty on each set.


Permanent Hair Extensions in Brisbane


With a large range of hair extension methods and options , you will be matched up according to your lifestyle, day to day activities and your own personal hair extension goals. Our hair extensions are classes as permanent, however require 6 week maintenance move ups that are easily affordable and quick.


Natural Hair Extensions in Brisbane


This approach, which is relaxed and based on the hot fusion method, is excellent for people with finer hair who wish to give their hair more volume. It will last roughly 2 to 3 months for actual hair that grows quickly, 4 to 5 months for hair that grows moderately, and 6 to 7 months for hair that grows slowly.


Blonde Hair Specialist in Brisbane


Only when the gorgeous locks are healthy and highlight the natural features can being blonde been so much fun. The top blonde hairdresser in Brisbane is Jayne & Co, which gives an all-over makeover or just a few foils to highlight the natural cut and colour.


When we acquire a blonde brief, it is crucial to preserve the integrity of the hair. An essential first step in assisting us in creating the appearance that makes one shine comprehends the history of hair and the future aspirations. Once we've got all the information we need to establish the ideal look, we set to work on the transformation.


They are the ultimate accessory since they let you switch up the appearance for a formal event or a night out without having to commit to a specific haircut.


Each type of hair extension is unique in many ways. We are unable to provide the customer with a correct quote online due to lengths, weight, style, and application style. However, we will discuss all installation and maintenance expenses with the client at the consultation meeting so that there are no issues later.

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