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Brisbane's leaders in damage free hair extensions

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May Deals!

We know everyone is feeling the pinch right now. So we are making it affordalbe to still feel fresh without breaking the bank. Our newest May special are here! Book online with ease.

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Your Brisbane colour and hair extension specialists. Our team are highly educated in the most advanced weft systems, keeping your natural hair healthy and always making scalp health our main priority.


We travel Australia, training fellow stylists in our systems , so you can rest assured, knowing you're in only the very best hands for you hair extensions and colour maintenance.

We offer the latest in hair extension technology using the concealed bead , invisible hair extension method. We use our brand NEW Genius weft along with Silk, machine and tae hair extensions. Our team will also complete your look with a fresh colour to perfectly match your new style.

Our Method

At Jayne, there is nothing more important to us than the health of your natural hair . Whilst specialising in hair extensions, we ONLY work with damage free methods, designed by our own hair extension brand Baciami . We believe in flat, discreet and comfortable flexible methods. Our techniques have taken over by storm, with our team now travelling all over Australia & New Zealand to share the love and invest others in educating themselves on creating long luscious hair, without the damage or tension some alternative methods cause.

Jayne & Co gives stunning blondes, brunettes, and damage-free hair extensions in Brisbane. We provide weft Hair Extensions in Brisbane by delivering frank counsel backed by vast application approach expertise and years of experience.

Hair weft extensions are a fantastic technique to alter appearance. Also, a person can rely on us to change the way one looks because we specialise as the best Weft Hair Extensions Salon in Brisbane.


Weft Hair Extensions for Natural Volume


Our weft hair extensions can be used to create the desired look, whether it is to simply add thickness, length, or colour dimension. Weft hair extensions offer limitless options and confidence-boosting effects that last.


Weft hair extensions are a game-changer for the industry, providing the person with the very best hair extension product available due to the right weft for every application style. Being the best affordable hairdressers in Brisbane, we offer services to maintain the health of natural hair and make scalp wellness our top concern at all times.

We use the hidden bead, invisible hair extension technique to provide the most recent hair extension technology. We use Silk, machine, and hair extensions in addition to our brand New Genius weft. Additionally, our crew will add a new colour to the look to completely complement the new design.


Our methods have gained popularity, and our team is now travelling throughout Australia and New Zealand to spread the word and encourage people to educate them on how to grow long, luscious hair without the damage or stress that some alternative methods bring about.


Invisible Bead Hair Extensions in Brisbane


The most recent extension technique for weft applications is invisible bead extensions. To ensure that the natural hair is not damaged, the installation is done using tiny silicone-lined beads. The produced track is then customised to the head, and the particular desired outcome before the weft extensions are sewed in. The extensions will be cozy, lightweight, and simple to put up into a high bun or ponytail. The rows of hair are linked by stitching the extension hair to a row of beads that have been anchored in a horseshoe shape around the head. Three to four and a half hours are needed to finish the entire process, including colouring. Throughout wearing the extensions, the beads are concealed by the hair wefts positioned above and below the beaded row.

The main will be given more volume and length due to invisible bead extensions that wrap around the entire head. With just one to three rows, anyone can produce hair that is truly Interest-worthy. Long, voluminous, gorgeous hair will give the woman an instant confidence boost. One won't ever have to take these extensions off because they will quickly become the favourite accessory.


The safest approach is invisible bead extensions because there is no application of adhesive to the hair, allowing the hair to fall naturally. Other beaded techniques pull the hair in an unnatural direction, turning it pink and generating tension marks on the scalp. The scalp will feel the most comfortable when using Invisible Bead Extensions since the placement technique preserves the hair growing in the same direction as it does naturally.


For those who have psoriasis or dermatitis, Invisible bead extensions are the ideal hair treatment. Because the beads are 2 mm off of the scalp, there is no strain, which lowers the chance of flare-ups.


We have a crew that is knowledgeable, experienced, and full of personality, and our hair extension brand Baciami is in full swing along with hair extension education, beauty, and more.

We match skin tone, hair extensions, and preferences with the ideal blonde, balayage, or deep-depth brunette.


At Jayne & Co, we do it all! . Your one stop shop for all things gorgeous blondes, brunettes & damage free hair extensions, right here in Brisbane.

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Damage free hair extensions that are discreet , flat and comfortable are our vibe! Wether you're looking for just some added thickness, or a long luscious thick mane, we have you covered. As one of Australia's largest hair extension wholesalers are under our roof, we have every shade , length or thickness you could ever need, right at our finger tips.

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Under just one roof, we host a wonder of beauty delights . With our hair extension brand Baciami in full swing, along with hair extension education, beauty & more , we have a team full of knowledge, experience and personality.

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We don't only offer Australia's most popular concealed bead weft human hair extensions. We team you up with the perfect blonde, balayage or deep dimensional brunette to match your skin tone, hair extensions & your desires. We are all about change here at Jayne & Co, so your wish is our command!

Can not recommend these ladies enough. I've had bad experiences with other hair extensions from other hairdressers. Julie has helped get my hair looking amazing again and the whole experience has been amazing. Thanks for giving me my confidence back
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